Guides and Literature

Guides and Literature

A wide variety of resources can help you decide where you want to go, and when: the Internet, libraries, book-stores, guidebooks, tourist boards, embassies and consulates, governments, travel events, immigrants, friends, other travellers, tour operators, and travel agents. Here below you’ll find various sources of information.


Specific Guides on Around the World Tours:

First Time Around the World by Doug Lansky

The Practical Nomad, How to Travel Around the World by Edward Hasbrouck

Guidebooks specialists in generic travelling are:


Matteo Pennacchi
My personal trip around the world with no money and no luggage,
made in the year 1998, is Available in different languages:
French: link
Canadian French: link
German: link

Vacation Work Publications
Include a wide range of specialized titles on different occupations and types of work abroad and on specific countries, as well as general travel guides.
You’ll also find Work your way around the world   by Susan Griffith
Griffith is optimistic but not unrealistic about what sorts of jobs, and at what wages, you can expect to find around the world. Read this book before you plan to finance your trip by working along the way. link

The Art of Travel   by Alain de Botton  – Ed. Penguin
A popular philosopher’s musing on travel, with an emphasis on why we travel. link

The Size of the World   by Jeff Greenwald – Ed. Ballantine Books
The true story of a trip around the world without leaving the surface. link

Work to Live: The Guide to Getting a Life by Joe Robinson – Ed. Penguin. 


News Agencies
What the Associated Press and Reuters are to world news from First World perspectives, the InterPress Service news agency is to the rest of the world. Global, regional, and topical news feeds in English from local journalists in more than 100 countries.

National Geographic Adventure
National Geographic was between my sponsors in the First Ever Interactive round the World Tour.

Backpackers – ‘The World at Home and Abroad’.
The leading independent travel magazine from one of the world’s leading nations of travelers.

Wanderlust – ‘The magazine for people with a passion for travel’.
The largest and most established of UK magazines for independent travellers, with subscribers around the world.


Material World: A Global Family Portrait  by Peter Menzel – Ed. Sierra Club Books
In each of 30 countries an average family is photographed in front of their living space, with all their material possession spread out in view.


International Institute for Peace Through Tourism
It’s a non profit organization dedicated to fostering and facilitating tourism initiatives which contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world …and mobilize the tourism industry as a leading force for poverty reduction.

Ethical Traveller
The larger web-based organization founded by travel writers, is dedicated to educating travelers about the social and environmental impact of their decisions, showing how travel can be a potent form of diplomacy, and giving travellers a forum through which their united voices can serve the world community.

Anthropology of Tourism
In Internet mailing list associated with the Tourism Commission of the International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, focusing on the anthropological issues of tourism.

The Atlas of the Real World   Ed. Thames & Hudson
Open this book at almost any page and you will learn something you never knew about the world

State of the World   by the World watch Institute
Annual book-length collection of essays and research reports on regions and issues  in ‘progress toward a sustainable society’.