RTW What does it stand for?

RTW what does it stand for ? Round The World.
The difference between a trip and a round the world (RTW) tour is like the difference between a semi-precious stone and a diamond; it’s more than a journey, it’s a life achievement. It’s a unique and complete experience… an investment which will enrich your life forever.

Ask people what they would do if they were to win the Lottery, and you will often hear that they would “travel around the world”. Few are lucky enough to win the Lottery, but nevertheless many manage to see the world. Most people who plan to travel around the globe do not realise what is available to them. World travel is more affordable than you might think, and for the price of an ordinary round trip ticket – or very little more – you can visit multiple destinations in several countries.
So why spend your vacation in one place, when you can go and see the world?

There are many reasons why, at least once in our lifetime, we should go on a world tour … it could be a personal challenge, a romantic honeymoon, an adventurous gap year or simply a once in a lifetime experience.
In a world where each year a billion people take a trip abroad, travel is now more convenient, more comfortable and cheaper than ever before.

You only need a passport and a credit card, so there’s no better time than now! Go on the ultimate trip …take a world tour! This website will provide you with all you’ll need to make your dream come true!