RTW Trip How much?

RTW Trip How much?

quantoRTW Trip How much? It’s difficult to estimate how much your trip will cost. The important question is – what kind of trip do you want to make and how long do you want it to last?  So, select your level of comfort, then figure out how many weeks or months you plan to stay in developed or developing countries and add up the costs.
How long will your money last? Depends where you go… An example: how many days can you travel with 1,000US$? – in Japan 15 days – in France 24 – in US 25 – in Australia 37 – in South Africa 42 – in Argentina 52 – in Thailand 56 – in Guatemala 63 – in India 71


Low budget:
Expenses in developing countries: daily 20$
Expenses in developed countries: daily 50$
Lifestyle: Accommodation –  sleeping in hostel dormitory rooms; sharing rooms in the very cheapest hotels; camping or renting a tent; sleeping on trains and buses. Eat – cheap food from supermarkets and special menus at fast foods or night markets. Occasional drinks. Limited museum visits.

Medium budget
Expenses in developing countries: daily 40$
Expenses in developed countries: daily 80$
Lifestyle: Accommodation in backpackers or dorms, with breakfast. Unlimited museums, but limited adventure activities. Eat in fast food and cheap restaurants. Couple of nights clubbing during the week.

High budget:
Expenses in developing countries: daily 70$
Expenses in developed countries: daily 150$
Lifestyle: Decent budget hotels or B&B. Unlimited drinks. Decent restaurants and enjoying activities.

Trying to give a very very approximate cost of 4 different Around the World Tours, we can say that:
A very low budget traveller, crossing the world in 3 Months, through poor countries, could probably do it with approximately 3,500US$ all included + 1,500US$ RTW ticket.
A Backpacker for 4 Months  around the world, in a mix of rich and poor countries, could cost approximately 8,000US$ all included + 2,700US$ RTW ticket.
A couple (sharing rooms) for 1 year around the world, in a mix of countries and variety of accommodation could spend approximately 13,000US$ all included, per person + 4,000US$ RTW ticket.
A medium traveller for 8 Months in basic hotels & hostels, could travel the world on a 13,000US$ +3,500US$ RTW ticket

Check this nice website: backpackerbudget.com – you’ll find the average budget per day for any country in the world.