RTW Tickets for Students, Honeymoons, VIP


HONEYMOON – Planning the trip of a lifetime, but not sure how far your budget will stretch? Student RTW flights has the answer for you! Basically, a whole bunch of airlines have banded up in alliances to offer round the world flights. A RTW ticket allows you to fly around the world, usually for up to a year, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 20 stops. Send us your RTW idea, and we’ll get back to you with all major offers of RTW trips exclusive for students. Team

HONEYMOON – Check out our multi-destination Round the World Tours, dedicated exclusively to Honeymooners. You’ll find very interesting offers and incredible discounts for the bride. Various itineraries for a short or medium duration journey around the world. All that at a very affordable price!
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VIP – The difference between A Trip and The World Tour is the definite article, which makes it a unique and complete Life Experience; an investment which will enrich you forever. The major reason to do it as a Tour, rather than independently, is that you can see more, with everything already arranged for you …and often spending less.
We have a selected range of exclusive Round the World itineraries, with the best services and accommodation you can find locally. Also, we can provide first class air fares, private jet, luxury cars, VIP treatments …and all services you desire.
Just send us an email with your deluxe Round the World Tour idea, and we’ll get back to you with our most exclusive offers. Team