Gap year: work and travel around the world

GAP YEAR around the world:
It doesn’t matter if you are working or doing volunteering, all it takes is some ongoing interaction with locals to develop a connection and make some friends.

Depending on your age, nationality and professional skills, you can get short term legal permission to work almost anywhere.
 Seasonal work – summer resorts on the sea, from June to September or winter resorts in the snow, from November to March – the opposite if in the Southern Hemisphere
Teaching your language – mostly English, or teach diving, with a Divemaster certification
Primarily aimed at students or very recent graduates, international placement organization helps travellers find minimum-wage jobs in selected countries.

It can be for human aid and development, in archaeology, protecting wildlife or in Nature conservation: there are many useful websites.
Donating your time can be a tremendously fulfilling experience. But before you sign up, be sure you get an exact description of what you’ll be doing and what they expect you to accomplish during your stay.