Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies

The first step in arranging your Air Transportation – once you have chosen your initial list of desired destinations – it is to find the right Travel Agent. That’s the only way you can get the best prices on many routes.

There is an entire global market of discounted ‘consolidator’ prices for international tickets set by travel agents, (not by airlines). For every published international fare, tickets can be available at lower prices. That is why you must always check with a good Travel Agent!

An agent who tries to convince you of a fixed itinerary, without giving you options – or the opposite – doesn’t suggest a fixed tour based on your itinerary, probably isn’t the sort of specialist from whom you should buy your ticket.

Smart travellers with a good travel agent can customize every kind of trip around the world.

The more the agent understands your purpose, the better they can help you to fulfil it.