LANGUAGES while travelling around the world:
If you want to travel the world, you need to speak English! No language is as widely studied as English. If you know other foreign languages, or if your mother tongue is spoken in other countries, then it’s a good idea to choose your itinerary based on this.

It’s important to learn a few words of the language of the foreign country you are in. Don’t be afraid to fail, to mispronounce, or to mangle the language. You are certain to be better received! Your crudest efforts will definitely be appreciated.

Meeting locals: It’s hard to pick up a travel magazine, brochure or guidebook without seeing an exotic cast of faces. The unspoken message seems to be that this is who you’ll meet travelling the world. The people you are far more likely to encounter, however, are other travellers. And the local people you’ll mostly come in contact with are vendors, taxi drivers, guides and hotel clerks – people serving you. To make more genuine contacts, it takes some effort. Volunteering or working in a place is one of the best ways. But even if you’re looking to take a picture of someone, a thoughtful approach might approach might lead to a more meaningful connection.