Bicycles, Buses, Hitchhiking

Bicycles, Buses, Hitchhiking


Bicycles are the world’s most common vehicles. For a good reason as they are also the most energy-efficient form of human transportation. One of the greatest advantages of riding a bicycle is that it brings you closer to local life.

Adveture Cycling AssociationTravelling by bike is a truly life-changing experience. Based in the USA, this website provides information on bicycle travel elsewhere in the world as well.

Crazy Guy On A Bike A free website for hosting bicycle touring journals, forums and resources. It has hundreds of accounts of past and present bicycle journeys around the world, as well as articles and information on bikes.


Australia, Unites States and Canada differ from most other modern countries, in being larger in area and less densely populated. These are the countries where you are most likely to take really long-distance buses. It can be with Greyhound or other companies.

Outside modern countries, it’s another story.   In developing countries, often buses depart only when the vehicle is full. You also hear tales of bus rides from hell. Check the situation thoroughly before jumping on for long distances.



The poorer the place, the more likely you are to have to hitch rides with whomever passes.
Ask local people how you should signal to passing vehicles that you want to ride, as each area of the world has it’s own methods and signs.
In poor countries they most often stop, but also ask for a tip.