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RTW ticket from Usa: Los Angeles –> Lima –> Rio de Janeiro –> Paris –> Johannesburg –> Kathmandu –> Bangkok –> Hong Kong –> Los Angeles Who doesn’t have a list of destinations they want to tick off the list during their lifetime? This complete itinerary will take you to some of the most beautiful […]


Golf World Courses

Best Golf  World Courses In association with the International Golf Federation and major magazines, we are defining the 2014 ranking of the World Best Golf Courses. We’ll be proud to offer an exclusive Around the World Tour, through the five Continents, to play on the 8 Best Golf Courses of the World. The trip will […]


WHO travels around the world?

People that Travel Around the World People who buy RTW tickets are far more diverse than most people would imagine. Travelling the world, I noted that the average age is around 35, but also young twenties. There is an increase in senior travelers over 55, and also in women traveling alone. People of all kinds […]