Homestay & Home Exchanges

Homestay & Home Exchanges

Travel Accommodation with Homestay and Home-Exchange

If you wan to feel the ‘real life’ of a place, try to stay with local people whenever you get the chance: friends, relatives, people you meet along the way, or you friendly gesthouses. You’ll probably have less privacy, but will learn more and have fun.
During my around the world trip with no money, my personal strategy in cities was to get to the main square, do a bit of people watching, focus on a target and go for it. Usually it worked.

Home Exchanges

Home exchange services have proliferated in recent years, bulding up several reliable networks.
If you plan to do a trip around the world, with a long stop in one specific place, you can firstly rent your home for the entire period, and rent or swap a place in the city where you’ll have a long stay.
Why pay for a holiday hotel when you can stay for free in someone else’s home? Links to a great choice of holiday swaps worldwide. Annual fee, despite the name, for listing in membership directory on the Web.

Homelink International


Sabbatical Homes For people who whant’s to stay long in a place.