Travelers Health

Travelers Health

See a doctor at least two months before your trip around the world, and follow his advice on physical preparation and immunization. Remember that making such a trip, requires physical preparation.  Ask for a copy of your clean bill of health to take along. Also schedule also a visit to the dentist.
Verify that your medical insurance covers you when are abroad. For this, check our section Insurance.Vaccinations. Visit the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s website and select the places you are visiting.
Get a vaccination record and keep it with your passport while travelling. coordinates a referral network of multilingual doctors around the world who have agreed to a standard schedule of fees, for office visits and hotel or house calls for travellers.

Main Vaccinations:
Cholera – Hepatitis A – Hepatitis B – Meningococcal meningitis – Polio – Rabies – Tetanus/Diphtheria – Tuberculosis – Typhoid – Yellow Fever.

What can’t be vaccinated against:
Allergies – Altitude sickness – Aids – Bed bugs – Bilharzias – Cold sores – Constipation – Dehydration – Dengue fever – Diarrhoea –Hepatitis C – Hookworm – Infected cuts and scrapes – Malaria – Rashes – Insect bites.

International Travel and Health by the World Health Organization
The WHO is the UN-affiliated coordinating body for international public health efforts, disease prevention, and response to disease outbreaks. The website includes the complete text of the WHO reference manual, International Travel and Health, as well as bulletins and advice on health issues for travellers in each country and region of the world.

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT)

Travel Clinic Directory
A professional organization of travel medicine specialists with more than 2,000 members in 65 countries.